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Ford fiesta st150 car mats

Last night I took some time out of my evening to get two of the jobs on the above list done. Before doing so I gave car a small rinse over as it was pretty filthy due to the rain it's seen in the past couple of days. I also found out that kitchen towels are actually pretty good for your paintwork when it comes to drying your car, or even buffing it.

First up was the rear 'Sporting Trophy' decal, as stated above I wasn't happy with how I'd positioned it and how it looked, so I ordered a replacement from DMB the other day to satisfy the perfectionist inside of me. I started by heating the old vinyl up and removing it, cleaning the area while doing so. I then used AG Tar and Glue remover to bring the surface back to it's normal self by getting rid of any residue and gave it a quick dry to complete the preparation. I then applied the decal as you would any and wolla, the final results:

Next up was the white 'ST' grill badge, decided I'd give a bit more colour coding a go. Removed the red 'ST' grill badge and fitted the white in exactly the same way, I have still kept the red 'ST' badge on the boot. Happy with the results, gives it a bit of a 'meaner' look:

Speaking of colour coding, I also ordered myself a couple of keyrings. My bunch of keys was getting too big to carry anywhere so I've now separated them into two bunches. This now being the set my car keys sit on:

I now finally have two neat looking sets of keys as opposed to one messy bunch.