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Ford fiesta st turbo kit

The DHM Fiesta ST GT290r V-band Turbo Kit is the most advanced, reliable and powerful kit on the market. Loaded with the best turbo technology, this race and street proven package not only produces unmatched power and spool, but is also designed to withstand the abuse of professional Motorsports and the harshest daily driving!

In 2014 we set out to design a kit that exceeded the quality of OEM Ford components while providing the extraordinary power and response DHM is known for. To accomplish this level of quality, reliability and performance, we created the industry’s first V-Band tubular exhaust manifold for the Fiesta ST. By applying 304 sch10 stainless steel construction, we eliminated the restrictive design geometry and the possibility of cracking. By starting with a clean sheet design, we were able to maximize exhaust flow while utilizing the small space available between the engine and firewall of the Fiesta ST.

By applying the latest in Garrett V-band turbo technology we set the bar even higher. Ball-bearing center sections are more durable and have less friction.

V-band turbos use a lightweight housing which has proven to flow better and spool quicker and make more power than their flanged counterparts. They also require less complex hardware, which provides easy fitment and a durable seal – eliminating the need for a gasket.

Record Breaking, Race Proven Power For Your Street Car

In 2015 we passed the 400whp mark on the stock 1.6L EcoBoost engine with the DHM GTX500r Kit. We also had a customer become the first Fiesta ST to get into 11sec 1/4mile times with the DHM GTX450r Kit. During that year, not only did DHM cars set track records, they also proved that the DHM kit can take the extreme abuse of competition and repeated street abuse. With over 12k miles of track and street abuse so far on the 11sec car and other DHM turbo kit customers winning Road course events and drag race events, each turbo kit has performed flawlessly without skipping a beat… now that is DHM quality you can rely on!

TJ Hunt Review in a DHM quick spool Powered Fiesta

  • The latest in Garrett v-band turbo technology for maximum power and efficiency
  • V-Band flanges allow for easier fitment with no gaskets
  • Re-circulated wastegate dump outlet option
  • Genuine water-cooled Tial MV-S 38mm v-band wastegate
  • Stainless steel flex section with liner in downpipe eliminates unwanted stress on the manifold and turbine housing
  • The same DHM product you purchase is the same product found on our race cars!
  • ZERO modifications needed to any of the OEM stock parts!
  • Kit includes ALL necessary parts and hardware for installation
  • Garrett GT2560r Turbo
  • Garrett cast iron Vband .64ar exhaust housing
  • Tial MV-S 38mm water cooled wastegate
  • TurboSmart Vee Port BOV
  • DHM 304 stainless steel sch10 exhaust manifold
  • Lower hot side intercooler pipe and coupler
  • DHM 3” 304 Stainless steel downpipe
  • Oil lines and coolant line
  • DHM 304 Stainless Steel Wastegate Dump
  • ProTune for 93 octane included (Additional charges will apply for extra fuels)
  • Unmatched customer service and support!
  • DHM GT290r Turbo Kit – 250-330 Wheel Horsepower
    • Spool 3300-4100 RPM
    • Street/Strip/AutoX Turbo
  • The DHM GT290r will require Meth Injection or Aux fuel to achieve maximum horsepower. The OEM Fiesta ST Fuel system will only make 300-330whp safely on 93oct. After this point the HPFP will struggle to keep up at low rpm where pump volume output is inadequate and at high rpm the injectors will quickly reach 100% duty cycle in the small window that late model direct injection engine have to spray fuel. Also note that above 350-380whp you may need to upgrade your MAP sensors to be able to run more than 29psi of boost.
  • Running Meth, Race gas or Having a Aux fuel system for ethanol mixes will allow this kit to make over 300whp very easily!
  • COMING SOON. Please call (855)Race-DHM or email [email protected]
  • Warranty is to original purchaser of turbo kit only. Hard parts (manifold, downpipe, charge and lines) carry a lifetime warranty.

***Turbo Kits are built to order. Please expect a build time of approximately 20 to 35 business days. We will contact you if build time will exceed this time frame. Please note that adding options such as powdercoating, will increase build time***

***Oversized shipping charges may apply. We will contact you regarding shipping fees***

**Contact us if you would like custom powdercoating**