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Ford fiesta speedo sensor location

On original Focus, vss fault meant that the speedo signal would drop out

(Speedo stops working) coming to roundabouts and junctions causing the engine to stall,

never noticed any other performance issues though.

The longer you leave it, the more problems is causes. First flickering speedo, then whole dash going off, and ultimately if can completely cut out on you at any speed.

Will be attempting mine in next week or so, would be interested to know if anyone has any other tips

well i did get if out. i think i eventually drilled a hole. screw into it a some mole grips to get it out. but was 2 years ago,,

The best tip does seem to be to 'shock it out' with a pair of grips, and someone whacking the grips from below.

I clamped mole grips on mine, then wiggled the grips as some one had a pry bar against the mole grips jaws whacking the bar from underneath, came out pretty quickly.

done this the other day after reading up and seeing that it was a bugger to do and the pin twisted out first time and then 2 mins max to wiggle pull the sensor out new one in pin in job done took about 8 mins max was well surprised but relieved was not looking forward to it all done from the top no crawling underneath well happy car still playing up though idle no good at all next job look at icv oh well

does anyone know if the galaxy tdi 6 speed has one of these vss as my speedo has stopped working and I have a dancing fuel gauge

Hello People, just replaced mine,the pin was a bugger to get out but came out in the end,the plug connector is realeased by pushing on 1 side and upwards ,the sensor came out after soaking the day before with WD40 i used a pair of Mole grips from underneath the car to wiggle the sensor whilst pushing on the mole grips with a hammer came out in about 10 minutesfit new sensor lubricate with oil and insert into hole making sure pin hole is on correct side,i then pushed sensor in using the rubber handle end on my hammer connect plug and all done. Symptoms before were very slow acceleration 0-60 in about 20 seconds,loss of speedo and radio still playing but going quieter until speedo recoveredthis helps others.

Some great advice here. Replaced my VSS yesterday and glad I used some of this advice. Definately the best way to go is lubricate well before attempting to remove anything. The only advice not already mentioned is to remove the metal pin (which does protrude much to get grip with mole grips) I snapped off part of the plastic on the sensor which the pin goes through before it enters the gearbox casing. This will then expose more of the pin to grab with your grips. You'll be lucky to just pull the pin out without any leverage so grip the pin with your grips horizontal so you get small gap between the jaws when clamped tight. Then from underneath the car, drop a long strong screwdriver down through the gap in the jaws from above the grips so screwdriver is upright. There is a flat section on the gearbox casing that you can lever against to lever the pin out. Then grip the sensor in the same position and turn back and forth for 5 mins and get some lubrication on there. Finally, I used the end of a small crow bar to tap up from underneath near the jaws of the grips and the sensor popped out. If you oil the new one it should just slide in quite easily and grease the new pin. Job done. My speedo should never see 135 mph again.

Great advice about the wiggling technique, lubrication is also vital. Minimum 2 days prior to starting. The pin is tucked away so it helps to spray from all angles to make sure you get to it (removing all you can to give maximum work space is imperative and makes life so much easier).
Working from the top I used side cutters to grip the pin. It's soft but pretty strong so you can apply a bit of pressure and cut a small groove which gives added grip. With the side cutters against the the gearbox holding the pin (left hand) there's just enough room to get a small hammer and tap away until eventually fingers crossed you get some movement and it comes out.
Next comes the sensor, I advise giving it a little wiggle with the moles to test the water. If it feels solid give it another spray up, put the kettle on and give it an hour. Then carry on wiggling, wiggling really is key along with proper lubrication. If you snap it then you haven't wiggled enough! If you you don't get any movement after a good 30 mins of wiggling and lubing give her a poke at the base! Use a flat head and jam it down and inwards at a 45 degree angle and lever it. Then go back to wiggling! You should get some movement and eventually it pops out. Best feeling ever apart from popping it in!

Like a fool I didn't check the wiring to the sensor and just removed and replaced. Today after about 60miles of speedo assisted driving I was once again speedoless and stalling at junctions. Had a look at a suspect piece of electrical tape and wiggled that. Now it's working again, I'm going to strip the old tape off and insulate it properly.

Thanks to all of the posts here I went into the job expecting having to jack the car up and have loads of trouble. I had everything ready for the worse case scenario, but thankfully I didn't need any of it. I didn't even need any tools.

Once located, we disconnected the cable and set about finding the dreaded pin. After a couple of minutes we found the pin and it was different that expected, it more of a retaining pin with outside metal retaining arm. With a little wiggle it came out without any problems, I almost couldn't believe how easy it was. Removing the sensor was just the same, a quick wiggle and gentle upward pressure and out it came. We oils up the new one and inserted, and the hardest part followed, putting the pin back in. It was a case of time and trial and error to line the holes up. Taking into account we did this from the top of the engine, used no tools, and took only 20 mind, I was really happy. I guess I have been lucky.

Just want to say a big thank you to maker of the vid and all the postings with their stories and advice, it really helped me and made what we expected to be a bugger to be simple.

Spent 3-4 hours on mine today and the bastard is still jammed in there. The pin come out after a good while but now the actual sensor is being a bitch - used shit loads of wd40 on it and got the mole grips and I've been twisting it and smacking them upwards and pushing upwards on them whilst twisting but it just doesn't wanna come out grrrrrrrrr

That's what I've used in the past, smash the top off then drill it with 1/8th drill bit, most dent pullers have a long coarse screw in the kit, used that on the dent puller/slide hammer, this was after doing the smack the mole grips method.

Problem with them is the 2 O ring seals on the VSS, they must swell up and grip the gearbox casing.

I've done them where they 'just' pop out, then others have needed the slide hammer treatment.

I replaced mine last week! It was a right mother to do but now it's in, all the dash lights have gone out (as has the Traction light) & all is working fine. I replaced the pin with a long screw slightly thinner than the original pin (I removed the threaded part). I left the head of the screw on so it can be removed more easily if it needs to come out again (see pics).

It's by far easiest to remove the sensor/pin from underneath. I smashed the pin-hole part on the sensor with a screwdriver/hammer so I could get more of the mole-grips on the pin. It was a wrestle but it comes out with some WD & a twisting/bending motion. Don't worry about knackering the pin as you won't be using it again.

I also used mole-grips on the sensor (tight) as close down to the gearbox as possible then twisted a few times before tapping with a bolster + hammer (as close to the mole-grip where it is tightened to the sensor). Just a few taps & it was out (after a few twists).

After greasing the rubber rings on the new sensor, it went in easily. It's not as tough a job once you know how to get the pin/sensor out. You'll only need to jack up the nearside of the car (I used 2 axle stands on the chassis at the car centre, one behind the other to be safe).

Get your grips tight like this when it's still in the gearbox & tap out with a bolster + hammer.
Twist the sensor a few times first to loosen it.