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Ford fiesta special

Ford Motor Company has just turned 111 years old and is celebrating its annual Heritage Month this June. Here in Malaysia, official Ford distributor Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) is offering a series of customer deals, as well as the Ford Fiesta 1.5 Special Edition you see here.

Available for purchase from June 14 onwards, the new Arctic White-only Fiesta SE will be limited to just 100 units and is priced at RM91,888 (OTR with insurance). The package includes a set of bodykit (with integrated LED day-time running lights), SE decals, Philips Vision Ultra light bulbs, scuff plates and a Blaupunkt Blue Magic Subwoofer.

The rest of it is as per the standard 112 PS/140 Nm Fiesta 1.5 Sport hatchback. so keyless entry, dual airbags and electronic stability control (with Hill Launch Assist) are all fitted as standard. Ford’s standard three-year/60,000 km Extended Service Plan (free maintenance) is thrown in too.

Other than the special edition Fiesta, SDAC also introduced new promotions from now through to June 30. Various rebates are offered for the Fiesta 1.5 (RM5,000), Kuga (RM9,000; for 2013 models only) and Focus (RM3,500). Existing Ford owners, meanwhile, will enjoy complimentary multi-point inspections and 15% discounts for engine oil (Motorcraft and Castrol) and oil filters.

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Ridiculous price. I'll laugh at those who bought this at 90k. Hello

Fiesta SE now RM78k OTR. Now who would buy 1.0, 3 cyl lawnmower engine for 92k. You guys need to look at unbiased European reviews of cars. Seriously - compare fiesta to myvi - hahaha - seriously. Jap cars are dead and gone lah.
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Thr are ppl who dont mind paying a high price for a small segment car rather than a barebone bigger segment car. thy simply want da features. That xplains y so many vios trd on da road or almera impul Now back to reality, wat kind stupid price is dis. For humanity's sake,take a test drive BEFORE U BUY,see u can live with the powershift characteristics in trafic jam situation, sooooo jerky n hesitant in first gear.
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you don't know how to drive with a double clutch transmission is it? i've never had any jerking problems. go back to your torque converter automatic for grannies. then you can put your hesitating foot on and off the pedal as many times as you like without jerkiness. (;
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Why would people buy this over ecoboost? But for a compact with a price tag 90k is really overpriced, it really lack of gadgets compare to other country, i would rather buy it if it have projector headlamp with LED day time running light built in. The LED for Malaysia is totally crap, its like a aftermarket that everyone put on their car, and lack a touch screen. Car nowadays should have these basic equipment.
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set of bodykit (with integrated LED day-time running lights), SE decals, Philips Vision Ultra light bulbs, scuff plates and a Blaupunkt Blue Magic Subwoofer. Body kit, 4k? Sticker 1k?(LOL), bulbs 1k?(LOL), subwoofer 8k?(LOLOL). Normal fiesta 78k. I use the extra money put in turbo or other accessories better.
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This is what i called a Full Loan theory. 1. Car registration geran only stated Fiesta 1.5 on both normal specs and this special edition. 2. Those who wish to get full loan, SA will summit the the paperwork to bank stated buying the special edition at 91K, but they are buying the normal specs instead. 3. With some left over pocket money to change 18" sport rims :)
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