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Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. How to unlock Ford Focus radio on LOCK10. Before you do this it may be helpful to have your radio code ready so you can enter it to unlock it. Ford fiesta 2006 model.

However, my new Ford Focus (year 2. Ford's own CD player 6. CD with remote. control stalk near the steering wheel. Finally, after my friend already. Focus said. that the remote controller is a great thing to have, I needed to. Sony. Interfaces.

As you guess, Ford's remote control and Sony's RM- X4. S are not. compatible with each other.

However, after searching the web for a. I found out that both of them are simple resistor networks (as. Sony MZ- R2 MD Walkman).

Equivalent circuit for Ford Focus remote control. Ford 6. 00. 0CD player.

I have checked later the Focus controller schematics from. Ford's wiring diagrams, and it is correct.

Equivalent circuit for Sony RM- X2. S remote. controller. However. it seems to work correctly with these RM- X2. S resistances. Now the only.

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I needed was a circuit that converts the. Sony. The Ford controller has five buttons. I decided to use them as follows: Table 1. Cross- reference table for Ford and. Sony remote controllers.

Ford function. Ford resistance. Sony function. Sony resistance. VOL- 5. 4. This is a practical choice as I do.

You may think that the simplest way to use the remote with Sony unit. Ford controller. However, there. I did not want to do it that way: Adapter. First I planned to. Ford stalk to Sony input.

However, such circuit is not. That is why I ended to a microcontroller- based. Figure 3. The schematic diagram of Panu. World's Ford- to- Sony remote. I decided to use inexpensive and easy- to- find microcontroller. PIC1. 2C5. 08. However, this most common (and old) 8- pin PIC does not have.

AD converter so I needed to read the Ford stalk by measuring. RC circuit with I/O pin GP2 (the only Schmitt. Trigger input). The resistor network for the Sony output required 4. GP3 is an input- only pin, it has no use in. GP2 is then used for both sensing the capacitor voltage. Q1. amplifies the charcing current and ensures that the capacitor is. FORD IN. connector.

Table 2. Component list for Panu. World's. Ford- to- Sony adapter. Component. Type. Comment. U1. LP2. 95. 0- 5. Any low- quiescent current 5 V voltage. A)U2. PIC1. 2C5. 08- 0. One- Time- Programmable 8- pin.

Q1. 2N3. 90. 4Probably any NPN switching transistor. D1. 1N4. 00. 5Any rectifier diode. C1, C2. 10. Circuit layout for copper- striped board. Because it is. an SMD version, I had to solder the chip on a DIL. PIC programmer with a DIL socket..)I recommend. The circuit board fits in a film. DIL- packaged microcontroller.

PCB. I used a five- pin pin. Ford connection. The plastic guides prevent reversed insertion. The cable is soldered to the correct pins on pin header (see. Figure 3) and then insulated with shrinking tubes and hot- melt glue. Operation. This circuit does nothing without any. PIC. R1 keeps Q1 closed so the power.

The Sony unit sees high impedance on J2 (= no. When a reading cycle starts, C3 is charged via Q1 by. GP2 to output '1' level for 4. Then the software waits for.

Ford. remote controller, the GP2. Because GP2 is a Schmitt Trigger input, the. C3 must drop considerably before GP2 input detects the change. How. quickly this happen depends on the button pressed (if any) on the Ford. If C3 is not discharged enough after those five timeouts. In such case, the PIC goes into low- power.

This low- power operation drops the average. To avoid incorrect. EMI or buttons pressed/released during the measurement. This will take time up to

After 6. 4 same results, the PIC changes the output resistance. GP0, GP1, GP4, and GP5 between '0' output and. The selected combination depends on the detected button. Table 3. Output pin combinations used by the. Z' = high- impedance).

Sony function. GP0. GP1. GP4. GP5. Resistance on J2.

VOL- 0. ZZZ2. 3. 5 k. However, I started to like the way of. You may select which way.

Table 4. Adapter software for downloading. File name. Descriptionfordsony. Standard software (pull SEEK for SEEK+)fordsonr.

Reversed SEEK button (push SEEK for SEEK+)fordsony. Source code for Microchip's MBLABYou may program your PIC with any compatible programming tool. However, the variation in the microcontroller, C3 capacitor. Therefore you will need.

To test the adapter, power it with a 1. VDC power supply or. Check that the supply current is something like 1.

It shall show infinite (or very high) resistance. Connect each of the. FORD IN and GND: 5. The multimeter shall show.

Before connecting, check. Continue to the next. Calculate. new timeout values for each software loop by using formula: T1 = T0 *. R0 / R1, where R1 is the potentiometer resistance at the change. Table 5. Current timeout values in the. Change on J2. T0 (original timeout)R0 (target resistance)Parameter name. However. there is some space reserved for timeout modifications in FORDSONY.

ASM. For example: Original code. Modify tomovlw H'FF'movlw H'FF'movlw H'FF'movlw VOL.

That is why. complete harness will be rather huge. To get. power for your adapter you need to add some wires to your wiring.

Branch the +1. 2. V Continuous and Ground wires and isolate the branches. I recommend protecting the connections with shrinking tube. The pin header connector is. FORD IN and GND terminals, and the 3. SONY OUT and GND terminal. Just connect the pin.