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Ford fiesta high level brake light replacement

Doubt this is relevant but I upgraded the bulbs I had on a Ford Focus (Diesel) virtually impossible to replace them going into the engine bay from the top as there was always the chance of dropping the wire clip that holds them in place SO Jacked up and removed the front wheels, removed the plastic wheel arch covers thus giving me tons of room to do the job.
Never understood why some cars are such a pain to do the simplest job.

Never understood why some cars are such a pain to do the simplest job.

To create work for the dealers' service department possibly

It is the way the car is manufactured. in the "olden days". it used to be built UP from the chassis. so everything was lowered onto the chassis. making DIY easy. now the car is dropped down onto the engine. no longer can you use a hoist to get that out. you need to put the car on a lift, and lower it out of the engine bay.

That'll explain mine then shutter. I have to take off the entire front bumper, radiator panel etc and lower it down from the mounts before pulling it out. It's a real pain of a job but possibly better than some other cars.
I agree though, there must be a better way of making cars so that they're easier to work on. VW have a large following for a reason.

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