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Ford fiesta body kit spoiler

Like the nice clothes that you wear on a job interview, your Focus ST Body & Appearance makes a strong first impression on other people. The Focus ST body & appearance gives you the opportunity to add your own personal touch to the already-fully-loaded sports sedan. In addition to providing a protective barrier between the exterior and the interior cabin, the Ford Focus ST body can be dressed up to truly stand out among the pack. CJ Pony Parts features a number of different Focus ST body & appearance parts to not only protect you, but to help give your car’s exterior an added edge!

There is nothing like switching gears and displaying the high-powered turbo of your Focus ST engine in front of the general public. While the masses will undoubtedly hear your car coming up the road, a polished Focus ST body & appearance will leave a lasting image in everyone’s mind. If you are looking for an added ‘wow’ factor, replacing any of your rusted or worn out Focus ST body & appearance parts will help truly put your car over the top.

The Ford Focus body & appearance is the very first thing that other people notice on your car, and it is not difficult to spot Focus ST body parts that are out of date. Though the Focus ST is not nearly as old as other Ford models, chances are that you purchased your vehicle before many of the popular modern Focus ST body & appearance accessories hit the market. Loading up your sports sedan with innovative Focus ST aftermarket parts will not only add curb appeal to your sports sedan’s exterior, but it will also make your car safer.

No matter where you live, your Focus ST’s body is always susceptible to weather damage. Regardless if it is heavy rain, sleet, or snow, heavy precipitation will cause your once-brilliant finish to deteriorate over time. Additionally, because of its physical location on the car, the Focus ST’s body will come into contact with various forms of road debris sooner or later. After many years of battling the elements as well as the hazardous material that might lie in the roadways, your Focus ST body parts will begin to show signs of rust. Operating your Ford car with tarnished Focus ST body parts not only looks bad, but could create potential weak spots on your exterior sheet metal. All areas of the Focus ST body must be fortified and secure at all times in order to protect you and your passengers from collisions of any kind.

Protect Your Focus ST’s Body & Appearance With Help From CJ's

Because it is the first thing that people see when you cruise through town, it is important to make sure that your Ford Focus ST looks its best. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts features a variety of different Focus ST body & appearance parts so that you can design your sports sedan your way! Replacing your existing Focus ST body parts will not only add to your car’s appearance, but will also prevent expensive repairs down the line. Additionally, the perfect finish on many of the aftermarket Ford Focus ST body & appearance parts will mask those pesky dents, dings, and scratches that original equipment won’t be able to hide.

Focus ST emblems are one of the most distinct decorative items on a car’s body. The Focus ST comes out of the factory with a number of attractive emblems on its body. However, if you decide that the factory badges do not fit your personal tastes, CJ Pony Parts features a variety of different emblems to better dress-up your Ford Focus ST’s body & appearance. If your original ‘ST’ emblem has rusted out over the years, CJ’s features attractive and freshly-coated ‘ST’ badges for both the grille and rear hatch. If you are proud of your EcoBoost engine, why not show it on the Focus ST body & appearance? CJ Pony Parts offers a diverse set of EcoBoost stick-on emblems, to give your car body some attitude!

A spoiler is one of the most important parts of any car’s body & appearance, and the Focus ST is no exception. While the spoilers serve a crucial purpose in ‘spoiling’ unwanted air movement across the car’s body, they are also provide an elaborate decorative touch on the Focus ST’s body & appearance. CJ’s features spoilers for the front and rear of the car, for both security and style purposes. The rear spoilers on the back of the Focus ST’s body helps accommodate all of the car’s performance capabilities, while achieving better traction with the tires. The rear spoilers from CJ’s will give your Ford Focus ST an aggressive race-inspired design, while ensuring top performance at all times.

In addition to premium emblems and spoilers, CJ’s offers Focus ST antennas. hood lift kits. splash guards. and other key Focus ST body & appearance parts. Now that you have the proper Focus ST body & appearance parts to pass the ‘eye-test’, it is time make sure that your car performs at the highest level. While you’re on the site, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of Focus ST exhaust and suspension parts!