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Ford fiesta 1.6 tdci econetic road tax

For any of the citizens of the United Kingdom who want to drive a vehicle from the traditional American Ford Motor Company, it's a good idea to look at the Ford road tax that comes along with the desired model. The UK has been levying a "vehicle excise tax" or road tax for several years in order to fund public projects. The road tax is computed according to engine size, emissions and other factors.

Ford vehicles in the UK are also subject to road tax rates. These vary according to the model, from the tiniest Ford compact vehicle options to larger specialty vehicles exported by the American auto maker. It's important to note that some Ford models in the UK are not popularly available on the North American car market, or may be sold domestically under other name plates. Here are some of the best Ford models for cheap road tax in the UK:

The cheapest Ford road tax rates start with the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi, Ford's greenest Fiesta and a "turbodiesel" vehicle designed for energy efficiency. In the UK market, the Fiesta ECOnetic competes with models like the VW Polo BlueMotion from German company Volkswagen and the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive from Spain. Some UK drivers give this Ford wagon high marks for handling and functionality on London roads and around the island. And as for road tax, the price is right: this sedan generates no road tax due to its fuel efficient design.

Larger sedans include the Ford Fusion and Ford Focus, as well as the Ford Ka, a vehicle not popularly present in Ford's domestic market. These cars, with 1.4L or 1.6L engine sizes, tend to generate road taxes of 30 to 90 pounds.

Up toward the top of the road tax chart, there's the Ford Mondeo. Named after the Latin for "world," this car is one of Ford's top international offerings. With a slightly larger engine, the Mondeo can generate a road tax of up to 125 pounds annually. Another similar model, the Ford C-Max, will be likely to cost the driver 125 pounds annually, according to industry resources.

Then there's the specialty car popular with road power aficionados, the Ford Mustang. This perennial favorite can be shipped to the UK for drivers who want one as a collectible or to drive frequently. The Mustang does not fall into a regular road tax category, but according to importers, it will be matched to a high road tax price of 185 pounds. Collectors note that older Ford Mustang models may be exempt from road tax if they fall under a "historic vehicle" status.

For the cheapest Ford road taxes available, one of the tiny "green-diesel" sedans is your best bet. These options can also help to keep gasoline costs under control and lower you carbon footprint by conserving energy and cutting emissions. Think about investing in one of these green vehicles for a Ford experience in the U.K.