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Cabin air filter replacement 2013 ford fiesta

The cabin air filter is located under the dashboard and can be accessed from the front passenger seat foot well.

Locate the round black plastic fastener near the front of the passenger's left kick panel.

Loosen the plastic screw by turning it counterclockwise with a Phillips head screwdriver.

You may need to apply pressure under the fastener with a flathead screwdriver to get the screw to come out.

Once the plastic screw has been loosened, pry out the plastic fastener and set it aside in a safe place.

Gently pull the plastic kick panel off the center console.

It is held in place by several metal friction fastener retaining clips.

Once the panel has been removed, you'll see the HVAC blower motor housing and the rectangular filter access cover.

Press the release tab on the black plastic electrical connector attached to the blue sensor.

Pull the plug straight out of its socket and tuck it away on the right side of the filter cover.

The rectangular plastic filter access panel is held in place by five Torx T20 screws.

Some of the screws are difficult to reach with a long Torx screwdriver. If you have Torx sockets . you may have better luck using one of those with a ratcheting wrench.

Loosen the screws by turning them counterclockwise with the T-20 screwdriver.

Once the screw has been loosened a few turns, you can spin it out the rest of the way by hand.