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Bright magenta ford fiesta

The American carmaker finally confirmed the two new bright colors for the 2011 Ford Fiesta, namely Bright Magenta and Lime Squeeze. The decision came after Ford experienced a high demand in vivid colors like Grabber Blue (2010 Mustang) and Molten Orange (F-150 SVT Raptor).

“Brilliant colors are transforming the norms in how we think about all sorts of products, allowing people to express individuality more and more through the electronics they use and the cars they drive,” said Susan Swek, Ford group chief designer, Color and Materials Design. “Color is a simple way to allow people to add a personal touch to their everyday lives – something that speaks to them and expresses a little of their personality.”

In fact, Ford Fiesta’s color palette was extremely successful among worldwide drivers. For example in Asia, Fiesta buyers’ most favorite colors are Vision (15 percent of sales), lime green Squeeze (11 percent), with the top selling color being Moondust Silver.

In China only, 28 percent of the purchased Fiestas are Passion Orange, making it the favorite choice by far. Right behind Panther Black and Silver, Europeans are selecting Hot Magenta and Vision as their third and fourth most favorite colors, each recording about 10 percent of sales across Europe.

We’ve actually gotten used to the Bright Magenta and Lime Squeeze Fiestas, thanks to the 100 Fiesta Movement agents already driving their cars wearing the two paint jobs.

“Almost everywhere I go, someone comments on the color,” said Fiesta agent Hilary McHone of her Squeeze-colored car. “Women love it, and some people even show me how it matches their cell phone.”

McHone, a Brooklyn photographer, adds, “It makes me think of spring. There’s a lot of life in it. I think people are excited about having more color options these days. It allows people to express their personalities more.” As crazy at may sound, McHone liked her Fiesta color so much that she had her wedding dress made to match the lime green.