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Blog de ford fiesta

  • Promote new Ford Fiesta/Ford Explorer model – what one can do with this particular vehicle
  • Generate buzz in social media
  • Engage active users of social media to promote Ford Fiesta
  • Create online dialog

Ford Fiesta: Young adults who are environmentally conscious and prefer economical carsFord Explorer: Outdoor enthusiasts, families with active lifestyle. Average/Higher than average income

We ask people to talk about our products and share their experience with others

  • From more than 4.000 applicants Ford had chosen 100 participants (“agents”) of the Fiesta Movement campaign in their 20s who actively share their daily life experience on social media platforms.
  • Drivers got Ford Fiesta, company paid for the gas and 6 month insurance.
  • During the campaign agents had to fulfill different missions and tell about this experience via Twitter, YouTube, blogs, Flickr, podcasts, etc.
  • On Ford’s web page people could follow their favorite agents (with links to their social media accounts), read about Missions, and get access to Live Feed.
  • Via Ford’s web site or Facebook consumers are invited to write an essay (post a photo or video) about their unique adventure by answering a question how would they use Ford Explorer if they had it for a week: where would they go, what would they do.
  • Winner get a one-week trip in the Ford Explorer 2011
  • Then Ford produced short films about a trip and documented it in essay form
  • Actively answered users’ questions
  • Giveaway of one of the new Ford Explorer 2011 to a random fan on Facebook
  • First exclusive online reveal of the car on Facebook
  • Great user-generated buzz on Social Media
  • Campaign at very low expenses
  • More than 4.3 mln YouTube views
  • More than 500.000 Flickr views
  • Over 3 mln Twitter impressions
  • 50.000 interested potential customers
  • 60% recognition of the car (Ford’s survey)
  • Experience from this campaign used in the new project Explorer Live
  • Including Facebook into media of communication with customers made the greatest difference for the campaign
  • Constant online support of the campaign
  • More than 48.000 fans on Facebook updated information about the new vehicle
  • 42.000 + Families posted their stories, photos and videos, shared content and voted
  • Increased anticipation for the new vehicle
  • The most popular Facebook page among others sport utility vehicles