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Best offers on new ford fiesta

All the best new car deals in the UK right now, with finance offers and list price savings on the best cars on sale today

New car sales are still on the up in the UK, thanks in part to the growing number of new car deals and finance offers that the majority of manufacturers are now offering. With so many available deals, it can be hard to choose the one that's right for you though, so to help we've picked out some of the best new car deals of 2016.

Owning a new car has plenty of benfits, from providing lower running costs and better fuel economy to a cheaper tax bill thanks to reduced CO2 emissions. Plus many car manufacturers now have PCP packages offering 0% APR interest rates, or with offers with a deposit from zero to just a couple of hundred pounds.

The sheer amount of new car deals on offer can be a little overwhelming, but that’s where we can help. We’ve complied a list of the all the top finance deals on offer at the moment, from superminis to SUVs and family cars to executives. there’s something for all tastes and budgets on many of the finest models around. Our picks aren’t just the best deals out there, but the best deals on the best cars. We’ve focused our attention on models that performed particularly well in our 2016 Driver Power survey and our 2016 New Car Awards .

Although the car deals go through regular updates through the manufacturers and car brokers, the numbers below give you a clear idea of what you can expect to pay for each model. Always be prepared to haggle – as there’s usually a little room for manoeuvre on the prices quoted. We’ve also provided an 'aim-to-pay' price courtesy of buyacar.co.uk. This should be used as a guide when negotiating with a salesman.

So read on below for our round up of all the best new car deals available right now.

Thanks to the £4,500 plug-in grant and a £6,000 deposit contribution, you can drive away Renault ’s ZOE for £90 a month with a £1,499 deposit. Even with the £55 monthly battery rental on top, this stylish electric hatch adds up if its 100-mile range is enough.

For a time, the i10 was our top city car. SE trim brings air-con and cruise control, and it remains a sensible price. With this PCP, that cost is made more sensible still by a £1,080 discount and a £500 deposit contribution. Your own deposit opens the door to a monthly payment of £113.

Skoda ’s PCP offer on the mature Citigo looks unbeatable. There’s only a £500 deposit contribution on the high-spec Colour Edition, but zero per cent finance and strong residuals mean the car is yours for £592 down and £119 a month, with a limit of 10,000 miles a year.

If you’re in the market for budget family transport, the Dacia Sandero is worth a look. We say ‘budget’, but Ambiance Prime trim brings power windows and a radio. This PCP is calculated on a £650 deposit contribution. Add £972 of your own and the car costs £94 a month. There’s a five-year extended warranty, too.

Skoda ’s appetite for tempting deals continues with the well equipped Fabia Colour Edition. The zero per cent finance offer and £500 deposit contribution mean you can be in this Fabia for just £155 per month with a deposit of only £1,395.

The Mazda 2 is a strong supermini. This 89bhp 1.5 petrol engine is our pick for its blend of power and economy, while SE-L Nav trim brings alloys and sat-nav. Mazda offers a £750 deposit contribution and zero per cent finance, so a customer deposit of £2,235 secures the 2 for £199 a month.

The Renault Clio is one of the prettiest superminis, and this 0.9-litre turbo petrol model is efficient, too. Dynamique S Nav trim gets kit including sat-nav. To all this, Renault ’s PCP deal adds a generous £2,000 deposit contribution. Put down £1,219, and the Renault ducks under £210 per month.

Tough, practical, good to drive, and in four-wheel-drive Outdoor trim, ready to roam, the Skoda Yeti is a strong compact SUV contender. When powered by the 1.2-litre petrol engine, it’s refined and fairly economical as well. Skoda has sweetened its PCP deal with a £1,000 deposit contribution and zero per cent finance. As a result, a £2,037 deposit secures the car for £199 per month. The annual mileage allowance is a realistic 10,000 miles, too.

With its boxy styling, the Kia Soul tends to divide opinion, but it makes the car both roomy and practical. If you love it, you’ll also love this deal. The diesel is our pick, while Connect Plus spec has a sat-nav system and premium audio set-up. In this package, Kia brings a total of £2,000 to the table, which is why, with your deposit and even on a 10,000-mile-a-year deal, you end up paying just £206 a month.

Even without Dacia ’s token £750 deposit contribution, the deal on the bargain Duster SUV looks incredibly tempting. This top-spec Prestige model comes with the kit that families expect, such as air-conditioning and sat-nav, and it still costs less than £15,000. The diesel is the pick of the engine line-up, too. Put down a mere £1,146 and you’ll pay just £214 per month.

Mazda ’s run of strong form continues with the CX-3. SE-L Nav trim is our pick for its air-con, sat-nav, parking sensors and touchscreen display. This PCP deal puts one on your driveway for £2,471 down and £269 per month. Mazda’s £1,500 contribution helps, as does the low-rate finance.

A £1,760 deposit and £279 a month seems a good deal for the attractive, fine-driving Kadjar. Renault ’s £1,250 deposit contribution helps, as does 3.99 per cent APR. The catch is the 6,000-mile allowance, although you can up this by paying a bit more.

Zero per cent finance and five years’ reduced-price servicing (which will be of greater value if you choose to buy the car at the end of the three-year term of the deal) are the highlights of this PCP package on the Honda Civic. Your money buys a well equipped family hatch with distinctive styling, while Sport trim adds larger alloys, a rear spoiler and a sporty mesh grille. However, if you want more space, Honda is offering a £2,000 deposit on the Tourer estate version.

Buyers choose the Volkswagen Golf for its quality and refinement. Match trim is the one to go for since it has a sat-nav as well as active cruise control. It’s a good car, and with VW ’s £2,000 deposit contribution and subsidised servicing, it’s a good deal, too.

Skoda means business with its Octavia PCP deal. It’s offering a £1,000 deposit and zero per cent finance on the roomy, efficient, well equipped family car, in tandem with a £2,218 customer deposit. This cuts monthly outlay to £225, with a limit of 10,000 miles per year.

The SEAT Leon is the ideal combination of good looks and five-door practicality, while the 1.4-litre petrol engine in the model highlighted here is smooth, powerful and reasonably economical. On top of all that, the FR + Technology Pack brings sports suspension and special alloys. So, things are looking good, and they get better still with SEAT ’s generous £2,500 deposit contribution. Put down an extra £2,299 of your own and monthly payments come to just £229.

Kia ’s Cee’d is one of our favourite hatches; in well equipped ‘2’ trim it has alloy wheels and cruise control. It’s powered by an eager yet efficient 1.0-litre turbo. Have a test drive and the brand will cut the price by £1,000, plus contribute £1,500 to your deposit.

The 3 is great to drive, good looking, well made and roomy. The 2.0-litre petrol engine is sporty and economical, while SE trim brings air-con, split-fold rear seats and a touchscreen. Mazda is contributing £1,000 and zero per cent finance. Your deposit puts it on the road for £239 a month.

The CT brings Lexus styling, quality and service to the family hatch sector. SE trim features dual-zone air-con, a colour screen and sat-nav. Things only get better with Lexus ’s £2,000 contribution on this 10,000-mile-a-year deal. A £5,000 deposit gets you the hybrid CT for £225 a month.

The A3 isn’t a cheap car, but Audi will slash £2,400 off the price in the form of a deposit contribution. This deal is calculated on a reasonable 10,000-mile annual allowance, and while the APR is a little on the high side, the premium hatchback’s strong residual values mean there’s less to finance.

Ford is not only offering a £1,700 deposit contribution on the Kuga 2.0 TDCi Titanium; it has also knocked £1,250 off the list price. In addition, the company will sell you an Appearance Pack (comprising silver roof rails and rear privacy glass) for £99 and finance the whole lot at 2.9 per cent.

In S line trim, the Q3 features lowered suspension and larger wheels, while its 2.0-litre diesel engine is punchy and economical. Audi ’s £1,000 deposit contribution, plus your own £6,612 deposit, puts it on your driveway for £349 a month.

Low customer deposits attract attention, but the solid, capable Subaru Forester needs no help here, especially in economical 2.0-litre diesel guise. Add Subaru ’s £1,000 deposit top-up and this dependable 4x4 costs less than £400 a month over a four-year term.

The powerful new Mk4 RX is stylish and comfortable. The V6 hybrid makes tax cheap, too. Talking of numbers, Lexus ’s generous £2,000 deposit contribution as part of this PCP, combined with a customer deposit of £9,566, cuts monthly payments to £549.

The Land Rover Discovery is one of the classiest, most comfortable and capable large 4x4s. In Graphite guise it combines premium saloon comfort with peerless off-road ability. Put down a deposit of £10,000 and it can be yours for £556 per month.

The MG6 is a decent-sized family car, and this entry-level S is our pick for its heated seats, air-con and keen price. MG ’s £1,800 deposit contribution gives low monthly payments. Low running costs are made lower still by the offer of free servicing for three years.

Mazda ’s Mondeo rival competes in a shrinking market, but that makes it no less desirable. It’s good looking, great to drive and, in this 2.2 diesel form, frugal as well as punchy. That’s why the 6 is our favourite family car. Mazda is putting £2,500 into this PCP deal, plus zero per cent finance. One deposit of £3,435 and you’re on the road for less than £350 per month.

Renault ’s Grand Scenic offers seven-seat practicality, while this diesel model is both strong and economical. On the company’s zero per cent hire-purchase deal, the Scenic is yours at the end of the term – it’ll be a big deposit against a new one – and there are no mileage penalties.

Lexus has a PCP deposit contribution on the IS to match its German rivals, at £3,000. Add low APR and a customer deposit of £5,716 and the monthly payment works out at £329. That’s not a huge burden for a hybrid compact exec saloon that looks and feels this good.

In this 2.0-litre diesel guise, the 5 Series is still the executive saloon by which all others are judged. Fortunately, buyers can have this M Sport’s stiffer suspension deleted in the factory at no cost, but the car still has some sporty finishes. BMW is chipping in a hefty £6,111. This deal is calculated on a realistic 15,000 miles per year. It’s a four-year term, but the car will still feel new by the end of it.

In AMG Line trim, Mercedes ’ economical rival to the BMW 3 Series includes 18-inch alloys, sports suspension and leather. Thanks to the £4,331 deposit contribution, it can be yours for £359 a month with a deposit of just £5,308. What’s more, your mileage allowance is 10,000 miles a year.

An electric car with the looks and pace of a sports coupe, but space for a family – no wonder the battery-powered Tesla Model S has proven a hit with buyers, who voted it the best car to own in Driver Power 2016. Perhaps that’s why the company offers no deposit contribution and why the APR is a little on the high side. The upside is that, while demand remains strong, used values should hold up, so your Model S could be worth comfortably more than its predicted future value at the end of the term.

That’s right: for less than £600 per month you can drive a Jaguar XJ. Look at what it has as standard: a panoramic roof, electrically adjustable seats, four-zone climate control – and 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. Of course, the market for such cars is small, hence Jaguar ’s generous £7,420 incentive and zero per cent finance. Be careful, though: penalties are stiff if you exceed the agreed mileage.

It’s pleasantly surprising to see that our favourite version of the class-leading roadster manages to come in at only £325 per month on a customer deposit of just £2,640. This is especially true because the deal contains no form of deposit contribution from Mazda. The offer is calculated on an allowance of 9,000 miles per year, which will be hard to stick to given how much fun the car is to drive. Still, SE-L trim brings climate control, sat-nav and a colour touchscreen.

With good looks, sharp handling, a roomy cabin and decent boot, the 4 Series is a top coupe. BMW is offering a £2,480 deposit contribution and 3.9 per cent APR on the smooth petrol 420i; put down your own £4,939 and it costs less than £340 a month.

The car deals above are official manufacturer prices. However for some of the cheapest new or nearly-new cars out there, you might be interested in using an online car dealer - so we've put together a list of deals from the top UK sites, including our sister site Buyacar. Note that these deals only run for a limited time - make sure you double-check the prices using the linked sites.

SEAT Ibiza Special Edition 1.0 Sol: £99 per month (£1,1,94 deposit)

Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi BlueDrive SE: Around £6,000 off

Infiniti Q50 2.2 CDi SE: £258 per month (£2,324 deposit)

BMW 520d M Sport Auto: £283 per month (£2,546 deposit)