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Auxiliary drive belt ford fiesta

My dad has a 2007 Fusion 1.6 Auto (conventional torque converter auto type) with what I understand to be the Zetec SE engine. The car has only done 20,000 miles and has a somewhat patchy service history. It runs very well though and apart from it being slightly thirsty he loves the car for it's all round practicality.

The only real problem is that there is a fairly loud whine from the aux drive belt area that has been getting louder over the last few months. It sounds like a bearing in one of the items driven by the auxiliary belts. The noise is no different with the A/C on or off, or heavy electrical loads on/off.

I was going to slip the aux belt off and see if the noise stops thereby ruling out the cam belt tensioner (and also giving me the chance to spin the various pulleys by hand to feel for any roughness). However, when I lifted the bonnet I saw that there are two separate aux drive belts and both of them appear to be the "stretchy" type so no way of removing them without cutting them off. One belt runs between the crankshaft pulley and power steering pump. The other drives the alternator, water pump and aircon pump from a second pulley wheel on the crankshaft pulley assembly.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the fault is most likely to be and what the best course of action is. Are these engines known for cambelt tensioner / idler bearing problems, or is it more likely to be the waterpump? Also, does anyone have any advice about how the new stretchy belts are best fitted as I've never tackled one before.

If its anything like the 1.4 Petrol - then yes the belts are stretch fit ones. I thought though that the Aux belt includes a tension device in the water pump, as I know the newer models are different, but never seen one so cant really comment. I have had 3 water pumps fail, but I wouldn't describe it as a whine though, more of low frequency chirp / rattle.

Regarding fitting the stretch belts - you need a special tool to guide the belt on and patients when doing it. You can buy these tools separate (I got a metal one) or plastic ones are usually supplied with a belt kit. The tools are not supplied with individual belts. The pulleys need to be nice and clean or else the belt slips off before you have fully engaged it, so its worth spending a minute or two cleaning any grease off the pulleys first (especially the non ribbed water pump pulley). When putting the belt on, ensure its fully engaged / aligned with the pulleys as you put it on, or else you will have to start again with a new belt. Also ensure you get the right one for A/C or Non A/C as these are very close in length and I have been supplied the wrong one in the past.

The only other whine I have heard about before was a stuck headlight alignment motor, which is located close to the belt.