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Auto ford fiesta max

The Fiesta attains 6 more miles per gallon than the C-Max Hybrid when combining city and highway driving.

Assuming 15,000 miles driven and $3.50/gallon of regular gas, the Fiesta will cost about $1,544 to fill up for a year, and the C-Max Hybrid will cost about $1,313. The Fiesta will cost you an extra $232 per year, or $19.30 per month.

  • 2013 Subcompact Hatchback. 30 mpg
    Fiesta S: +4 mpg
  • 2013 Compact Wagon. 27.5 mpg
    C-Max Hybrid SE: +12.5 mpg

The engine in the Fiesta S Hatchback must motivate 1.9 more pounds per horsepower than the C-Max Hybrid SE Wagon, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio that is 9.0% worse .

Both have FWD systems, so neither has a significant traction advantage over the other when accelerating from a standstill.

  • Average 2013 subcompact hatchback engine specs: 140 horsepower / 170 ft-lbs
    Fiesta: -20 HP / -58 ft-lbs
  • Average 2013 compact wagon engine specs: 164 horsepower / 177 ft-lbs
    C-Max Hybrid: +24 HP / -48 ft-lbs