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Approved cng kit ford fiesta

Call us at 828-654-8300 for information on Ford CNG vehicles.

What to know before buying a Ford vehicle to be retrofit with CNG System?

Please call us at 828-654-8300. We can help make sure you order the correct vehicle(s). Ford requires all vehicles that are to be converted to operate on CNG to have the GFP (Gaseous Fuel Prep) Engine Package. Your dealer will need to order the vehicle with this package, codes vary per platform (Ex. Trucks=98G and Vans=91G) and cost $315.00. Please have your dealer call us for instructions how to get vehicle converted. Ford Motor Credit will finance approved buyers the incremental cost of CNG conversion.

If the vehicle you want to convert does not have gaseous prep package installed and supplied by Ford then we cannot convert the vehicle to operate on CNG.

Currently we offer three styles of CNG conversion.

2. BI-FUEL – Vehicles runs on either CNG or Gasoline, one fuel at a time. By default the vehicle will run on CNG until it runs out of CNG, which then it will switch by itself to gasoline mode until more CNG is fueled into vehicle, which it then switches back to CNG mode. The user does have the option to change between gasoline and CNG with the simple push of a button, if desired.

• Simple switch allows easy change between fuel sources while driving.
• Bi-Fuel and Dedicated options available for most models.
• Meets EPA emissions and OBD II requirements.
• Sequential fuel injection.
• Seamless Integration with Ford Vehicle.
• Serviceable with Standard Ford Diagnostic Equipment.
• Equipped with Ford On-Board Computer Control System.
• Proprietary Fuel Delivery System.
• Delivers Excellent Horsepower, Torque and Towing Capacity.
• Ultimate Load Situations.
• Performs In Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat, High or Low Altitudes, or any Inclement Weather Condition.
• Limited & Emissions Warranty Included.
• 10 micron in-line coalescent filter assures miles of trouble free operation.
• HOV lane eligible in many states.
• Tax credits may be available, check with your tax advisor. Click here for details on Tax Incentives?

CNG is stored on board vehicles in (3,000-3,600 psi) tube-shaped cylinders that are installed in the trunk, roof, bed or undercarriage of the vehicle. The cylinders meet very rigorous safety standards. They are made of high-strength materials designed to withstand impact, puncture and in the case of fire, their pressure relief devices (PRD's) provide a controlled venting of the gas rather than letting the pressure build up in the tank.

Click here for details on cylinder types. Cylinders must be inspected by licensed inspector.

How is Fords original manufacturers warranty affected?

It is not affected, providing conversion is EPA certified. The Clean Air Act approves EPA certified conversions for vehicles as a clean fuel.

Refueling of a Natural Gas Vehicle is easier and safer than refueling with gasoline or diesel. it takes about the same amount of time, but you don't get smelly stains on your shoes or spills down the side of your vehicle. Click here for more information on fueling your CNG vehicle.

Generally commercial fleets travel significantly more miles and use more fuel than private vehicles. Converting vehicles to operate on CNG is an excellent solution for fleets that spend a lot of money on gasoline or diesel or just want to switch to a environmentally friendly fuel. By using CNG in your fleet you can save a tremendous amount of money, reduce operating cost by 50% and help our countries energy independence and security.

CNG fueling stations can be built where needed if the situation meets requirements to make a viable project, along with long term fueling contracts. Call for a free evaluation today to see how you can how help our country by using a domestically produced fuel.

Please call ahead and make sure you are ordering the correct vehicles. Ford requires all vehicles that are to be converted to have the "CNG prepped engine package". Your dealer will need to order the vehicle with the CNG prepped engine package.

If the vehicle you want to convert does not have CNG package supplied by Ford than we can not convert the vehicle to operate on CNG.

(a) Conversion of Existing and New Conventional Vehicles to Clean-Fuel Vehicles - The requirements of section 246 may be met through the conversion of existing or new gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles to clean-fuel vehicles which comply with the applicable requirements of that section. For purposes of such provisions the conversion of a vehicle to clean fuel vehicle shall be treated as the purchase of a clean fuel vehicle. Nothing in this part shall be construed to provide that any covered fleet operator subject to fleet vehicle purchase requirements undersection 246 shall be required to convert existing or new gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles to clean-fuel vehicles or to purchase converted vehicles.

(b) Regulations - The Administrator shall, within 24 months after the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, consistent with the requirements of this title applicable to new vehicles, promulgate regulations governing conversions of conventional vehicles to clean-fuel vehicles. Such regulations shall establish criteria for such conversions which will ensure that a converted vehicle will comply with the standards applicable under this part to clean-fuel vehicles. Such regulations shall provide for the application to such conversions of the same provisions of this title (including provisions relating to administration enforcement) as are applicable to
standards under section 242, 243, 244, and 245, except that in the case of conversions the Administrator may modify the applicable regulations implementing such provisions as the Administrator deems necessary to implement this part.

(c) Enforcement - Any person who converts conventional vehicles to clean fuel vehicles pursuant to subsection (b), shall be considered a manufacturer for purposes of sections 206 and 207 and related enforcement provisions. Nothing in the preceding sentence shall require a person who performs such conversions to warrant any part or operation of a vehicle other than as required under this part. Nothing in this paragraph shall limit the applicability of any other warranty to unrelated parts or operations.

(d) Tampering - The conversion from a vehicle capable of operating on gasoline or diesel fuel only to a clean-fuel vehicle shall not be considered a violation of section 203(a)(3) if such conversion complies with the regulations promulgated under subsection (b).

(e) Safety - The Secretary of Transportation shall, if necessary, promulgate rules under applicable motor vehicle laws regarding the safety of vehicles converted from existing and new vehicles to clean-fuel vehicles. [42 U.S.C. 7587]