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Alarme keyless ford fiesta

When all the doors, hood and trunk/hatch are closed and locked, if any are opened the alarm will sound.

I read the manual cover to cover, and yea this is what it says, but its a small paragraph and does not cite specific examples or talk about break ins.

Recently we had break ins in all of the employee cars at my work. they hit every single car in the lot, including a brand new malibu and lexus GS, but did not touch mine. god bless. They bashed the windows in and stole change/GPS's/cellphones/checkbooks. Havent tinted my windows and I had nothing laying out on the seats, so I guess they skipped it thinking it had nothing in it, but I still count my blessings. Desperate Baltimore crackheads

anyways, I wanted to check to see how it works, because a few other cars in the lot have alarms and didnt go off. maybe they were passive anti-theft systems (engine immobilizers, not alarms), but my FoFo definitely has a perimeter alarm as part of the 203A package (its on the window sticker too). After playin around with the focus, I am scared now

When the 2012 is Armed:
- trying to open the doors DOES NOT sound the alarm.
- trying to open the trunk DOES NOT sound the alarm.
- pressing the unlock button inside, which is out in the open on the center stack DOES NOT sound the alarm
- banging on the window (well not too hard obviously) DOES NOT sound the alarm
- banging on the car itself (again not too hard, its new lol) DOES NOT sound the alarm

and heres the kicker:
- Open a window, Arm the car (this is to simulate a smashed open window), then press the unlock button (even Baltimore crackheads can probably see the unlock button) DOES NOT sound the alarm

I began to think that Ford jipped me and didnt include the alarm, until I DID finally get it to go off:
Arm the car, then unlock it manually with the key in the door. the chime counts down, then all hell breaks loose. So my question is, how retarded is Ford? If someone gets their hands on my keys, they can just hit the unlock button (let alone drive away with my car haha). thank God I am protected by a thieves that steal keys, dont know how to press buttons or drive cars, but just want to manually open doors. I am so close to bashing in one of my windows to see if the alarm would go off.