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Accessori ford fiesta 2008

Many 2008 Ford Mustang parts needed to be changed with the addition of two new trims to the lineup. To start, the Shelby lineup expanded for 2008 with the addition of the Shelby GT500KR model. The 'KR' stands for 'King of the Road,' and commemorates the original Shelby GT500KR from the late 1960s. This model changes some 2008 Mustang parts under the hood to give the car much more power than a standard GT500. Several 08 Mustang parts were also changed to lighter counterparts to help shed weight and make the Shelby GT500KR even faster.

By Bill Tumas: A second special edition model, the 2008 Bullitt Mustang, was created to honor the 40th anniversary of the legendary movie car chase. Many 2008 Ford Mustang parts were changed for the Bullitt, including the appearance and with the addition of a unique 315 horsepower V-8. With these unique 2008 Mustang parts, only 5,600 were made-and sold out fast! Overall, though, the remaining 08 Mustang parts were left unchanged while sales continued to fall, dropping to 108,767 for 2008.

Some of the most popular 2008 Mustang parts to upgrade include new sequential taillights, aftermarket shifters, cold air intakes and exhausts. These 2008 Mustang parts & accessories can greatly increase the performance of your vehicle, while also helping it to look even better than it already does. These 2008 Mustang parts & accessories are also always readily available from CJ Pony Parts.

In addition to the wide variety of 2008 Mustang parts that can help up the style and performance of your car, CJ Pony Parts also offers dozens of parts that can help you accessorize your vehicle, home, workplace and even yourself! These 2008 Mustang accessories include many Mustang t-shirts, hats, hoodies and much more. You can also protect your Mustang with a stylish new car cover, or your home/workplace with a new Mustang clock. These, along with many other 2008 Mustang accessories, are all available for order today from CJ Pony Parts.

Aftermarket 2008 Ford Mustang parts continued to remain popular. CJ Pony Parts carries more than 2,200 2008 Mustang parts for any owner to customize and personalize their pony car. American Racing Headers, BBK, Magnaflow, and Scott Drake are just a few of the popular vendors of 08 Mustang parts from CJ Pony Parts. Order now and these 2008 Ford Mustang parts can be shipped on the same day, with free shipping on most parts. CJ Pony Parts also offers an experienced, knowledgeable sales and customer care team. They are available to help with orders on 2008 Mustang parts, or provide any technical assistance or installation support. Call CJ Pony Parts today, or chat with the team on our website!