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Abs malfunction ford fiesta

Today, a problem emerged out of the blue. The car has been sitting a heated garage for just over a week and today upon starting it, the ABS and brake (same as hand brake) warning lights stay on all the time. They get lit up at ignition and never go out.
I noticed that when first taking off, there was a slight knock as if the brakes were locked up, but then all was fine and there is no scratching sounds or anything like that.
The weird thing is that all was fine when parking the car and now this suddenly happened. I have checked the fluid level and it is ok and it does not seem to leak (pressed the brake pedal to the floor a few times and level did not decrease).

On most Fords if the fluid level is low you get only the red brake light. On most Continental-Teves ABS systems like in the Econoline you will get the yellow ABS and the red. I'd guess the Focus has a Teves system so although the fluid level looks good I'd make sure it's at the "full" level and wiggle the wiring to the level switch. It could also just be a bad level switch.

When there is a fault specific to just the ABS system it will usually only illuminate the yellow light. It think your issues are fluid level sensor related.

I have this issue on my vehicle also. It seems to be a bad cluster. I tried to change the level sensor. I tested all my wiring, I read my codes it comes up as low brake fluid even jumped, new floats, everything.

On mine the brake and abs light flash while driving or just stay on.

Yesterday I added some DOT4 brake fluid up to the maximum line, but it did not change anything. Visually checked the cables, but they were ok. Everything is clean there and no visual damage.

Unfortunately I do not have a code reader, but you say your lights lit up on low brake fluid level perhaps a battery disconnect is required to reset it once the level is back up? I am not convinced these codes reset on their own, they should act as a log for problems for the car service?

Someone else also suggested the brake calipers are worn and that could be the case for me, maybe there is a sensor for that as well?