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2012 ford fiesta mods

Modding "The Party" (aeromods on 2011 Ford Fiesta S sedan)

Hi all, Finally had time and got busy! First off, Air'd up my tires to 43Psi Factory(Kumho) 195/60/15 on steel rims. Stock Hub caps will soon be changed once i get my butt in gear again. too many projects right now.

Front(flush as can get) lower Grill Blocker, made from Coroplast and taped on with wide Paper tape(works well for me, clear tape would be a nightmare to get off!

The Rear Wheel Skirts have about 3/4" -1" of space free from the wheels, and fit nice and tight with the body line and flow!

Pretty happy with how it looks and performs haven't had one issue so far, but will be placing more permanent materials later. I'm not a huge number crunching guy unless it relates to speaker building. But I may try to run some numbers later. Just doing a basic tank drain/Fill up then calculate the MPGs. I've changed my driving habits a little bit, but i still mostly go the limits or near them, I've been coasting more and I'm already nice to the "GO" and "Oh Sh$%" pedals enough

By this time, Ive got 205mi on the trip meter, with I'd guess around a gallon or so more than 1/2 tank an improvement already!

I rarely operate the A/C, hence the full blocker. and i made it specifically with that middle piece in the blocker(under the lisence plate) to take off, if i do use it, or if it gets any hotter. Mild temps here KC area lately no higher than 80's so far.

left the upper grill open for sure. BUT that ugly body gap from the hood and top grill will be filled soon.

Yeah, I love the Trans, but I do wish I had a "Shift tronic" type selection. With that, it doesn't coast very well, even downhill, because it keeps Tq to the wheels at all time. (Constant match of Engine speed to wheel speed). I'd LOVE to disangage that feature, im not off-roading with it, or rock climbing. Don't need constant power to the wheels.

Also, I dont shift it out of Drive-Neutral-Drive again (At Speed) cause im unsure of how the clutch system or gear selecting works. I only do it when im going to come to a full stop. I'm under warranty, I just don't wanna take the chance. Clarification on the drive system would be nice. >.<

No temp gauge: get a ScanGauge or equivalent. Built-in digital gauges make it way more functional than just an MPG-meter (though that part will help a lot and pay for itself as well). The SG also saves your highest coolant temp value for the current trip - useful.

Oh, and congrats on having the cojones to aeromod a new vehicle. I think it looks great.

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