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2012 ford fiesta grill

Its been a long time, but time allowed me today to upgrade my grill blockers on my 2012 Ford Fiesta. The grill blockers gain about 1 to 2 MPG, depending or driving. Ford added them to the Fiesta SFE and claims about 1 MPG, so I know I'm in the ball park on MPG estimates. My version blocks more of the grill than Ford's SFE grill.

I have been running thin plastic versions since last spring and worried they weren't still enough at higher speeds. I took the time today to make a MDF router template to use on my router table. It sure makes getting nice identical parts much easier than hand sanding. But, yeah the template took a little time.

The new ones are 3/32-inch ABS. The ABS finish gives a factory finish look that the painted ones didn't give. They are also much stronger and stiffer than the previous versions.

The pictures below show the right one before installation and then on my dirty car just before I cut the tie wraps. Just wanted to share encase others are driving a new Fiesta.

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