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2004 ford fiesta colour codes

18332 Fairmont
18333 XT
18334 Futura
18335 XR Series
18336 GT
18337 GT-p
18338 Fairmont Ghia
18346 LTD
18349 Fairlane

45313 XL Crew Cab
45314 XLS Crew Cab
45373 XL SSB
45374 XLS SSB
45375 XR
45377 Pursuit

A1 Winter White
VF Venom Red
E1 Ice Mint Silver
B7 Barossa Red
DG Congo Green
ST Silhouette
UU Blueprint
NR Narooma Blue
P3 Phantom
M7 Mercury Silver
CP Blue Pearl
RH Acid Rush
HO Blood Orange
JA Citric Acid
44 Vic Taxi Yellow

Trim Codes:
These are a little different in BA - the material is alterted based on the vehicle but the code stays the same.

S1 = Medium Light Stone
B1 = Warm Charcoal
BB = Warm Charcoal with Blue logo (XR)
BR = Warm Charcoal with Red logo (XR)
BG = Warm Charcoal with Grey logo (XR)
B3 = Warm Charcoal Leather
S3 = Medium Light Stone Leather
S4 = Medium Light Stone Vinyl