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2004 ford fiesta clutch cable

Does anyone know why the clutch peddle on a 2004 fiesta would suddenly go straight to the floor when driving for it to go back to normal after about 30 mins? The breakdown recovery guy thought that the car was fitted with a hydrolic clutch and not a cable, but as far as i can make out the clutch fluid is fine and no leaks are found

Well i couldn't get the car out of the driveway today as the clutch wouldn't engage. The breakdown recovery guy took one look at it and said that the clip behing the clutch peddle had came off, he used cable ties to temporary mend it the clutch worked fine, only issue now is that with me pressing the peddle i have slightly damaged the master cylinder and there is a small leak. The car is due to go to Ford on Monday so i'll see what happens then. Next update is Monday

i was driving my wifes fiesta near london bridge in heavy traffic last week when this happened,managed to crunch into gear and get to safety and found by feeling around at the top left hand side of the clutch pedal that the problem was the plunger arm had fallen off the peg that it sits on,guess there should be a toothed washer or similar that holds it in place,easily popped back on and my temporary fix to get back to cornwall was a shoelace around the plunger and tied round the steering colomnthis helps.