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1998 ford fiesta fuel pump relay

So no one ever answered ya huh. I'm kind of having the same problem. I have a 2002 escort ZX2, and I killed it in a flood we had here in Pueblo, Co a week and a half ago. Well my car works, but there's not enough power going to the fuel pump to get the fuel flowing to my engine. You don't what to know how we figured it out, but we're trying to find the fuel pump relay on the car to check that, and we can't for the life of us find it! We checked everywhere you have! So if anyone looks at this and knows anything about it. I'm not sure it would be in the same place as the 98, but it's worth the look.

see I called the dealer too and they said that there's a box full of relays that costs about 205 dollars to replace, and if one goes out you have to replace them all because they're all in the same box, but auto zone sells the fuel pump relay for my car for 6 dollars and checker sells it for 20 so I have no idea. Now my friend that's helping me work on my car says he thinks he knows where this box of relays are that they're under the injectors, so we're going to check that out, and hopfully that's it, and I don't have to replace all of them cause that's almost a whole car payment. =)

Well yes I found it there's a little black box under the air intake by the fuses, but not in the fuses. That box is full of all the relays. What I did to my car was when the fuel pump relay shorted out it fried the motherboard that all the relays plugged into. So, that kind of sucks because that's going to cost $205 from the dealership, and I have to wait for them to order it. I hope this helps all.