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1996 ford fiesta review

Thirty years in the making, the HondaJet is finally being delivered to customers. There’s a reason it took so long – Honda engineered it from scratch, pioneering the overwing engine layout that reduces cabin noise and improves fuel economy. Cars, bikes, lawnmowers, compact jets… is there anything they won’t build?

When you’re a multi-billionaire, a BBJ is just a phone call away. Boeing Business Jets was founded in 1996 and makes private planes based on its commercial airliners. This is the latest, based on the 787 Dreamliner – the fuel-efficient, carbon-composite passenger jet with swept wing tips and a cabin designed to minimise tiredness on long-haul flights (it can fly for 17 hours and 9,800 miles).

The interior design includes high-domed ceilings, hardwood flooring, marble bathrooms, a huge double bed, walk-in showers, and hand-tufted carpet with silk accents, which are like Brummie accents only posher.

According to Forbes, Prince Al-Waleed is the 41st richest person in the world, with just over £13bn in the bank. That’s why you don’t see him at the Heathrow bag drop, because he’ll be lording it on an actual throne in his private jumbo jet, which shows all the good taste and restraint of a man whose other toys include a diamond-encrusted Mercedes SL.

He was also the first person to order a private A380 superjumbo, which he planned to furnish with a Turkish bath and a garage for his Rolls-Royce Phantom, though after the 2008 financial crisis the plane was never actually completed. Cheapskate.

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