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1990 ford fiesta

by Kat ' on Jun 24, 2016
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva LX 2dr Hatchback

She is my work car and comfortable for me as driver. Easy handling, fits anywhere. Great on gas better than my 2012 Focus SE Hatchback. As long as snow not over bumper I can get through it, Wind and ice suck. I can haul a lot more than you might think in it too. I have brought home a little CRF50 motorcycle and even an RV refrigerator. Drawbacks are noisy ride, oh the car it's self is quiet but road noise is loud, like a tin can, so not too many want to ride with me. I have had issues with wheel bearings, replaced them at least 3 times in last 50k miles, but it needed a wheel alignment. Seems maybe previous owner may have taken it over a curb or something a rear axle was bent. Much better now that we figured that out. Sucks that it is starting to rust. Can't complain too much Gave $1000 for it and if I said I have spent $1500 in general repairs/maintenance I probably would be exaggerating. Easy to work on too. Factory air but froze up, next on agenda. Oh the tires are almost extinct 12" passenger tires are hard to find. I love her.

by teejay on Mar 31, 2010
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva LX 2dr Hatchback

Ok so here I am @ 295k. I was going to wait till 300k but I just couldn't. Well my little festy is still going! Still uses almost no oil between the 4k oil changes. Just minor problems with the interior locks and doors. And my after market speakers need to be replaced again. Mechanically she still seemed sound I am beginning to believe that I will really make it to 300k? Well see? Only problem is I am spoiled now in thinking that I should get 300k out of every car and I probably wont. Even the 2009 Toyota Tacoma I just bought. The festivas can teach Toyota a thing or two about durability!

by chessie12 on Jan 2, 2010
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva LX 2dr Hatchback

i have a standard lx and man its fun just fixing it up a bit now but looking for a manifold and exhaust for it and than its in tip top shape. it has 393k kms and it still is a great car so i planed on fixing it up and it has lots of place to put in a bigger rad. but nothing but good news for this car

by teejay on Oct 14, 2009
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva LX 2dr Hatchback

well here i am again for anyone out there that wants to read about my little festy. toughest car i have ever owned. hope to get 300k before i am done maybe then consider going 400k. who knows. i bought car with 182k and thought 200 would be maybe possible. this little thing just keeps going and going and going.

by The forever car on Aug 14, 2009
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva LX 2dr Hatchback

I bought this car for my wife when she was teaching in Virginia because it had the best crash test data of any of the small cars. It had to have an auto matic trans. I got it with AC AM/FM casette, elec outside mirrors, elec rear defrost and wiper. Every thing still works like new. It has 109000 mi. I keep it in like new condition. Clear coat paint has begun to go away. I wish Ford would make them again. We got 44 mpg when new but that is down to 37. I believe that the fuel injectors need replacement. Has passed smog test everytime. Emissions are about 5% of what is allowed. Super car I have driven this car from Virginia to California 3 times and slept in it several times.

by rock hound on Aug 13, 2009
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Festiva L 2dr Hatchback

Both are excellent little car very dependable, one engine has about 375,000 the other 185,000 both still running strong. They both get about 40 miles per gallon, plenty of power. Getting a little hard to find 12" tires, and because of the smaller diameter the rough roads tend to break the belts on them but most likely this is because there from China now. If your lucky enough to buy one keep it! One of them does have a raw smell inside the vehicle which I can't find